What is Shop Pay? Understand how it works!

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If you check the name carefully, it’s easy to get a clue about what Shop Pay is. From the same creators of Shopify, Shop Pay is a payment service provider. It works as a one-click way for online shoppers and online businesses. The first can run faster checkouts while purchasing online, and the latter can offer another payment to their customers. It’s a win-win to make the process smooth for both.

Another characteristic of this approach is the possibility of sales on multiple platforms, which includes Facebook and Instagram. Then while using it, customers only need to save some information — contact, credit card, billing, and shipping — to finalize a purchase. These are only the basics. Want to learn more? So keep reading this article to find out how it works and if it’s a safe option.

So what is Shop Pay?

You got some spoilers already, but here is where you dive into the concept. Shop Pay is more than a payment service provider. It works as an online checkout system — created by Shopify — to enable faster checkouts for online shopping. When customers make a purchase, they reach the shopping chart. There they can fill in their contact and payment information. From that moment on, this data will be saved automatically for future purchases.

The service suites better businesses that make most or all of their sales on the Internet. Why? Because fast checkout and data storage are relevant features when it comes to online sales. The option is available for any seller, regardless of using or not the Shopify e-commerce platform. They can even use it on Facebook and Instagram to expand their reach.

Regarding what is collected, customers provide an email address or phone number, billing and shipping information, and credit card details while making their first purchase. For the next ones, everything will be already saved, leading to a quick checkout.

In a few words, Shop Pay speeds up the buying process. Online businesses can keep their customer’s data, offer another payment method, and increase their chances for more conversions. Meanwhile, customers can save more time buying on the Internet since it works as a digital wallet. Plus, they might have access to local pickup and delivery options.

How does Shop Pay work?

Any online business can enable or disable Shop Pay in two ways. One is through Settings from a Shopify account, while the other is by getting the app via download or QR code scan. For Facebook and Instagram, if you already have a shop with checkout in one of them, you can turn on the option by reaching the settings sector.

Shop Pay is currently available in 22 languages — including English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Chinese. Among all the features, the service allows customers to choose between making either full payment or up to four installments. Some rules apply to the second option, such as the order amount.

Shop Pay vs. Shopify 

Despite being from Shopify, Shop Pay is a different service. Shopify works as an integrated e-commerce platform for businesses that get a subscription. Therefore, the service doesn’t need a third-party provider to accept online payments. Inclusive, it can connect your shop to a variety of payment providers. 

Shop Pay relies on platforms such as Shopify to process transactions. Its main goal is to speed up the checkout process while serving as a digital wallet for customers to buy online. It works similarly to options like PayPal and Google Pay.

Shop Pay for merchants

Online businesses can add Shop Pay as an alternative payment method, giving customers another option to purchase goods on the Internet. If you are a merchant, you can get it from your Shopify account by downloading the app or enabling it through your social media platforms. Check how to proceed:

  • Shopify: go to Settings and then Payments, select Manage, check Shop Pay, and save;
  • Shop Pay: check the option Enable Shop Pay, save, and select Complete Set-Up. Then enter the details about your online store;
  • Social media: go to Commerce Manager, select your shop, and click on Settings. Choose the Checkout Method by enabling Shop Pay and save.

Shop Pay for customers

Customers can adopt the service as a digital wallet while buying online. Download the app from the website, App Store, or Google Play to set up a Shop Pay account. You can also scan the QR code while visiting the website. Follow the steps to set up everything — fill in the necessary information, agree to the terms, and add the 6-digit verification code.

Once completed, you can import orders from other sources (like Amazon), check past purchases, and see a list of recommended products based on your preferences. During the checkout, you can add a Shop Pay discount code or gift card whenever available. 

Is Shop Pay safe?

Since it’s a service from Shopify, the platform offers extra protection against fraud and unrecognized chargebacks for orders processed through Shop Pay. There is no charge. Reimburse may apply in case something happens. Plus, any information saved while using the system is only shared with the store from where you made a purchase.

It’s crucial to count on reliable digital platforms to enjoy more piece of mind when surfing online. While Shop Pay is an alternative to processing payments and offers a faster checkout, Husky is your partner to send and receive money using multiple currencies. 

Do you want to learn how to deal with international payments? See for yourself what Husky can do for you.

eduardo SEO Specialist and content production, I have worked in several renowned companies in Brazil and abroad. I write about money, technology and more!

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