What is Husky and how much does it cost?

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eduardo SEO Specialist and content production, I have worked in several renowned companies in Brazil and abroad. I write about money, technology and more!

What is Husky? Have you ever heard about a digital currency exchange platform to pay your employees in Brazil? It’s Husky. But more than this, the service is an answer to solve any problems when it comes to sending or receiving money abroad.

​​Within this article, discover more about Husky and how it connects your company to your employees in Brazil. Are you ready to make payments easily? Keep on reading!

What is Husky?

Husky is a digital platform created to simplify the process of international remittance for enterprises and entrepreneurs outside Brazil. Sending or receiving money from other countries wasn’t that easy due to the fluctuation of foreign exchanges, multiple currencies, fees, bureaucracy, and managing many bank accounts. Husky is the opposite of all that.

The solution came to life in 2016 as an answer to connect freelancers and remote workers to international companies. Husky knows very well how hard it can be to send or receive money from other countries. After all, their creators used to deal with all types of red tapes to collect their payments while working remotely.

So to overcome the situation and help other professionals, they embraced entrepreneurship through Husky. The platform offers a multi-currency account to transfer money for your Brazilian employees with minimum bureaucracy, fair fees, and autonomy. Whenever you finish a transaction, Husky makes the conversion and quickly sends it to any Brazilian bank. It can take from one (mostly) to five business days (sometimes).

Who can use our services?

Husky is for everyone — from web developers to journalists, digital influencers, designers, and many other professionals working remotely for a company abroad. It also includes earnings from AdSense, Twitch, and other digital platforms. Whether you have freelancers, employees hired as PJ, subsidiaries, or suppliers, the platform simplifies the payment.

Entrepreneurs or companies from the United States, for instance, can transfer money to Brazil in USD. When it reaches your account, Husky converts the amount to BRL and sends it to any Brazilian bank. Besides, you can manage a simple transaction or even high volumes, dealing with multiple payments at once.

How do things work on Husky?

From the first contact, Husky makes things easy for you. The first step to simplifying your payment process is downloading the app through your mobile device’s store. Another way is to create your account by visiting our website. Complete your registration to get your multi-currency account, manage your employees’ payments and send money to Brazil. It takes less than two minutes.

Whether you’re taking your first steps within the platform or need support, all is online from the comfort of your home, hotel room, or office. Also, after creating your account, take note of the beneficiary’s account to send a payment.

No matter which bank will receive the transfer, let Husky do the job, converting the money and sending it to your employees, subsidiaries, or suppliers. And that’s about it. Simple, fast, and safe.

Whether it’s a single payment or batches, there is no need to do it manually when you can automate the flow. All can be done within our app, bringing scale and efficiency while reducing delays or errors. Under Banco Central do Brasil (BACEN) regulations for foreign exchange operations, Husky also guarantees your fiscal and tax security. In addition, your funds are always available at any time to make your transactions transparent and smooth.

How much does it cost for you?

When you choose Husky as your digital currency exchange platform, you pay 2% of the amount to complete an international transfer, plus the IOF (0.38% or 1.1%). However, this fee can be even smaller, reaching 1% if you get a coupon from other users. There are no hidden fees, which means reduced costs for you and your contractors.

Our goal is to offer fair prices and the best cost-benefit for you. Husky has no outside investors, which means our only commitment is to our customers and the quality of our services. It helps us keep the fixed fee of 2%, plus the possibility of reducing this rate to 1% thanks to our clients.

All you need to do to get one is ask on social media or WhatsApp groups and keep the cycle, offering the benefit to others. If that person uses the coupon and receives a transfer, you earn a zero fee for your next transfer.

Why choose Husky to send and receive money?

For a single transfer or multiple payments, Husky offers you a unique place to manage all transactions, no matter the currency. The platform converts values from any cash to Real, follows risk and compliance assessments, and takes care of any legal requirements and procedures within BACEN. So no need to worry about the paperwork or bureaucratic process to send money to pay your employees in Brazil.

If you’re looking for transparency, agility, safety, and fair prices while managing payments, Husky can help. By simplifying and automating international transfers, you boost your time to deal with more strategic matters to grow your business. So what is Husky? It’s a digital currency exchange platform that works as an extension of your company to keep your financial routine on track through attractive fees.

Entrepreneurs and international companies rely on Husky to send faster single or multiple payments to their employees in Brazil. Follow the same steps and simplify your transfers.

eduardo SEO Specialist and content production, I have worked in several renowned companies in Brazil and abroad. I write about money, technology and more!

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