What is affiliate marketing and how to start it?

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eduardo SEO Specialist and content production, I have worked in several renowned companies in Brazil and abroad. I write about money, technology and more!

Affiliate marketing is a growing opportunity to make money anytime and anywhere. When you become an affiliate, your revenue comes from commissions. Those are generated based on the marketing strategy you develop for someone’s products or services and the engagement with your audience. Any sale is tracked via affiliate links. So, in a few words, the whole process wraps up promoting something for a company or person.

If you are looking for an alternate stream of income, you might consider the option. In this article, learn more about the possibilities through it and tips to get started. Keep on reading!

So what is affiliate marketing?

Straight to the point, affiliate marketing is an exchange between publishers and companies. While the first promote products or services to their audience, the latter increase their sales chances to an engaged crowd. For this, the affiliate shares a unique link associated with the recommendation through a blog, social media, and other relevant online platforms. Let’s put it easily:

  • You, as an affiliate, share a link with your audience;
  • After seeing it, a customer clicks on your link;
  • This customer makes a purchase using your link;
  • The company confirms the purchase;
  • You receive a monetary commission for the sale.

So whenever a purchase happens, the affiliate receives a commission as a reward. The rates vary from company to company and depend on the product or service you are promoting.

Some programs award their partners for lead generation, clicks, or downloads for an app, among other courses of action. It also considers your abilities to build an effective marketing strategy — capable of involving your audience.


While the affiliate marketing industry growth is already a good indication of success, you can find other reasons to try it. After all, it demands only a few things, which include a stable internet connection, an engaged audience, and an effective marketing strategy. You don’t need to develop any new product, plan delivery logistics, manage customer support, or move to the office.

After a while, the commissions you receive can become a passive income. With a successful marketing plan, it’s also possible to scale your earnings without further investment or extra help. Remember to recommend only products or services you would personally use or that you can see fit to your audience.


Besides all the benefits, affiliate marketing has a few disadvantages to consider before choosing this path. You know it requires patience if you are already familiar with the area. Building an effective plan and an engaged audience takes time, hits and misses, and ups and downs until you reach the right track to enjoy the results. First, find the best channels to promote and choose the products or services wisely.

How to give your first steps within affiliate marketing?

If you already have an online audience and know how to make your way through social media, then that’s half the battle. However, if you are giving your first steps, the next stride consists of building your audience. Each affiliate has a different approach and platform, depending on the niche they are willing to work with:

  • Digital content creation refers to bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers by sharing products or services that resonate with their audience;
  • Review sites where you can check on products and compare them for a specific niche;
  • Courses, events, and workshops also work as an affiliate partnership, exploring an area within your expertise.

From the niche to the audience

First, choose a niche to explore, one you are passionate about or have enough knowledge to share with your audience. This choice will be the bridge to connect you with your followers and the brand you will be promoting. Connecting with the right audience is the base to start and a primary piece to leveraging any successful affiliate marketing strategy.

Find your products and promote

With a well-defined niche and an audience underway, choose products or services aligned with the people you are reaching. Getting it wrong can crash your credibility and impact your plans, so select what you will promote wisely. Some companies offer affiliate programs. Usually, they are free to join.

Earning money through affiliate marketing can be a rewarding way to explore a market you are attached to while generating a new source of revenue.

It’s your chance to highlight a knowledge you always wanted to develop, connect with a qualified audience, and receive a commission. Since everything is online, there are no limits. For instance, if you know English, why not try a foreign audience and international brands?

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eduardo SEO Specialist and content production, I have worked in several renowned companies in Brazil and abroad. I write about money, technology and more!