What is a voided check?

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voided check

When dealing with a money transfer — local or international — you may find yourself in a situation that asks for a voided check. As the name implies, voiding means it can’t be used either for payments or for withdrawals. There are many reasons to use this resource to set up a direct deposit and make automated payments. It helps to bring more control over your transactions.

In this article, learn more about voided checks and how to fill them out in case you need them. Here are the main things you need to know to adopt this resource. Enjoy the reading!

What is a voided check?

As the name already shows, a voided check is a check with the word “VOID” on it. This word appears written in large capital letters across the front, indicating it’s no longer valid. So it shouldn’t be filled in, cashed, or deposited. Despite being invalid for banks to accept payments, it can still be used to provide information to set up electronic payments.

However, a voided check is different than a canceled check. While the first need to be canceled before the deposit, the latter is the one that has already been cleared by the bank. You don’t need a voided check to set up a direct deposit, but some employers adopt the resource to access their employee’s bank information.

Rather than copying the account number and bank routing number (a code that identifies the institution), this data is already printed on a voided check. It helps avoid mistakes when managing a transaction.

When should you use one?

There are a few situations when you can use a voided check — from managing a direct deposit to setting up automatic electronic payments. Let’s analyze the most common operations that might come in handy to you:

  • Direct deposits: the most popular application of voided checks works as a way of getting your employee’s information — account number and bank routing number — to send faster payments to the right destination;
  • Automatic payments: if you are looking for a practical approach to dealing with ongoing expenses (recurring bills such as a mortgage, loan, utilities, etc.), you can schedule automatic electronic payments. It’s valid for personal use and when running a business;
  • Error corrections: voiding a check helps to cover mistakes and keep your account safe. A classic example is when you add more “0s” than you should to the amount. It’s also useful for record-tracking.

It’s worth noting that you can only void a check when you didn’t give it yet to the employee, supplier, or any other person (or business). If this happens, ask your bank to stop it from being cashed or deposited.


In many cases, such as the ones above, a voided check is an easy way to make direct deposits, schedule automatic electronic payments, or avoid mistakes. Yet if your employees can’t use paper checks, there are alternatives. Among the options, they can fill out a direct deposit authorization form, request a voided counter check, submit banking details online, spot a deposit slip, or provide a photocopy (of a check or deposit slip).

So how to void a check?

Voiding a check is a simple task. When you have the paper on your hands, all you need to do is write the word “VOID” with large capital letters on the front. It should be big enough to cover the check, although without hiding the bank information. Plus, it’s recommended to use a dark pen with permanent ink or marker to protect this from thieves. That’s it! No need to add any other data or sign the check.

When the company receives the voided check, the bank information is copied to its system to manage future payments. Most of the time, employees can provide a copy if they want to keep the original check. No one can use it for payments from the moment it’s voided.

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eduardo SEO Specialist and content production, I have worked in several renowned companies in Brazil and abroad. I write about money, technology and more!