Payoneer and Husky: how to send and receive international money transfers

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eduardo SEO Specialist and content production, I have worked in several renowned companies in Brazil and abroad. I write about money, technology and more!

With the support of technology, conducting financial transactions has become increasingly simple and secure.

The benefits and opportunities are endless, both for companies and for the final customer. Payoneer is proof of this: a universal, borderless platform ready to enable digital business to be conducted, across different countries.

Those who seek tranquility in their transactions and avoid the bureaucracy of the financial market already know that digital platforms, such as Husky, are allies in facilitating payments and receiving money from abroad.

Have you ever imagined the incredible benefits that a partnership between the largest international payment platforms can bring? Husky and Payoneer are there to show that what is good, can get even better.

With a focus on innovation and investment in technology, this is another way to speed up payments and improve people’s experience. Read on and stay tuned!

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is one of the largest companies in the financial market, focused on global electronic transactions. With it, customers find a range of possibilities to pay and receive money internationally, and to perform important transactions such as managing business and accessing capital.

Created in 2005, Payoneer is active in more than 200 countries, operates in several currencies, and in different segments around the world. It is the perfect platform for companies and people who have business abroad.

Increasingly strong in the market, Payoneer debuted on Nasdaq in 2021 and was valued at USD 3.3 billion. Since its inception, the company has been designing a global ecosystem, connecting businesses in different locations, driving customers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and SMEs.

Payoneer also helps the growth and sustainability of large companies around the world such as Airbnb, Amazon, Vrbo, Google, Upwork, and Walmart.

No doubt they are serious about empowering the global growth of marketplaces and companies by offering numerous payment possibilities.


For whom is Payoneer suitable?

Did you know that Payoneer is the most used international payment platform abroad? Yes, it is! After all Payoneer can be used by any person or company that wants to pay or receive money from abroad.

The application is simple, easy to use, and allows you to manage your finances anytime, anywhere.

Below are examples of profiles that use Payoneer:

  • Freelancers and Service Providers,
  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Temporary property lessors,
  • Sellers,
  • Rental platform hosts, etc.

For sellers, an important point: Payoneer has integration with global marketplaces, which allows sellers to receive payment in multiple currencies and be able to concentrate their earnings on just one platform.

In other words, the seller can display his products and services on the world’s largest marketplaces and receive all payments by Payoneer.

Top 7 benefits offered by Payoneer

If you still don’t know if Payoneer suits your needs, we summarize the main advantages offered by the platform and explain how they are enhanced with Husky. Take a look at the key benefits and their applications:

1 – With Payoneer and Husky, you can receive commercial payments in EUR, USD, GBP, and several other currencies with the simplicity of a local transfer. The money arrives quickly, without complications.

2 – Payoneer allows you to manage vendors, pay team members and employees immediately and for free (transfers between users are free).

3 – Payoneer provides a prepaid card that allows you to withdraw your money from ATMs. (Withdrawals can be made at 24-hour ATM machines).

4 – You can offer various payment methods to customers, allow them to choose their preferred option, and ensure that the transaction is done with 100% security.

5 – In addition to sending reminders through the app, you can track and manage payment requests.

7 – The website is very simple and offers 24-hour support. Husky also has a specialized team ready to help you with any questions you may have.

How to create an account on Payoneer?

Opening an account with Payoneer is simple, just go to the website (from your computer or smartphone) and click on “Register”.

  1. Enter the complete information for registration (such as first name, last name, and address);
  2. Check and confirm the contact information;
  3. Fill in the bank details correctly (carefully read the platform’s terms of conditions).

Then all you have to do is submit the information and wait for validation. After the approval is complete, you can apply for the prepaid Payoneer Card, unlock it, and start using it.


How to get paid with Payoneer and Husky?

Payoneer is a payment specialist and gets your money into your account quickly (around 1 to 3 hours).

On the other hand, we help you with the receipt! After the payer sends the money, it falls directly into your Husky account and you can withdraw it whenever you want.

How to withdraw money from Payoneer?

Having peace of mind in your transactions is essential, and Husky and Payoneer know this. As we commented, Payoneer offers several withdrawal options and you can evaluate which is the most interesting for your moment:

  • prepaid card withdrawal
  • bank withdrawal
  • Loot with the Husky! 🙂

At Husky, everything is very simple and convenient. You can track your balance on the app, with the best rates on the market and total transparency in transactions. What’s more, you can make immediate withdrawals in a few clicks and without bureaucracy.

In fact, that is one of Husky’s missions. We came to innovate the market and uncomplicate financial transactions. We take this seriously and know that with Payoneer we will improve the user experience, allowing transactions to be faster and smoother, with the best rates on the market.

Unlike many banks, we do not use fine print and we avoid any and all bureaucracy that may exist. We value the simple, always offering safety and agility to our clients.

How to integrate your Payoneer account with Husky?

Integrating your Payoneer account with Husky can be done quickly from the app.

Take a look at this step by step:

  1. Create your Husky account (it’s free and super easy to do);
  2. Open Wallet from your Husky app and go to: “Connect to Payoneer”;
  3. Link your account and you are ready to use your money.

If you have any questions about Husky’s fees, we can answer them for you! Husky charges a fee of 2% of the value of each transfer. But, it is possible to reduce this rate even further by applying coupons received from friends. With the coupon, the fee drops to 1%, simple as that!

So, did you like understanding how Payoneer works and how partnering with Husky has many benefits?

If you want to simplify your transactions and are looking for transparency, count on us! Create your account and receive your money quickly.

eduardo SEO Specialist and content production, I have worked in several renowned companies in Brazil and abroad. I write about money, technology and more!

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