How to withdraw money from AdSense?

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withdraw money from adsense

Do you know how to withdraw money from AdSense? With the adoption of remote work, the Internet has become a place full of possibilities. If you have a website, work as a digital affiliate, or produce content — text, audio, or video — to publish online, you can monetize with the help of this platform from Google. The tool displays advertisements while promoting your content, based on what you do and how your visitors spend time through your page.

In this article, we made a quick guide about AdSense and how to send money to your bank account. Are you ready to learn more and enjoy your earnings? Keep on reading!

What is AdSense?

Before talking about money, let’s quickly go through the concept. So what is AdSense? It’s a platform created by Google to display ads for bloggers, websites, and YouTube channels. AdSense works as a mediator between those who want to advertise a product/service and who want to share some space to show them. Those third-party advertisements are tailored to fit what your visitors are most likely to seek while online. Usually, they appear on the top o side of the page.

If you have a Gmail account attached to your blog, site, or YouTube channel, you can sign up for free and follow the guidelines to activate your AdSense account. Google will also ask for your payment information.

The last step includes a review of your website and the data shared. After receiving approval from Google, you are ready to start earning money. Then whenever a visitor sees or clicks on the ads, AdSense will pay for it.

How can you receive money from AdSense?

Your registration should be complete to get your first AdSense payment. For this, provide your tax information, which can vary depending on your location. Then confirm your personal information — payee name and payment address — and payment method. When the earnings reach the threshold, you will receive a PIN (sent by standard post).

Before you can withdraw money from AdSense, remember the threshold. It means your balance needs to sum up a certain amount by the end of the month so you can receive it. The values change for each currency. U.S. Dollar (USD), for instance, is 100 USD. Payments are made monthly for partners who reach or surpass this volume. It happens between the 21st and the 26th of each month. The amount, in dollars, is converted to your currency if you live outside the United States.

How to withdraw money from AdSense?

You can select a payment method from check, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), Rapida, and wire transfer during your registration. Click on Payments, then Payments info, and Add payment method. Let’s explore the main options available for getting paid.


Checks can be sent through Citibank to some locations as one of the options to withdraw money from AdSense. They are for deposit only, which means you can’t cash them. Before choosing this method, contact your bank to see the availability. It may take some time (about two to four weeks). Then you have up to 12 months to deposit the amount before it returns to your AdSense account.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), you can send your earnings to your bank account n your local currency. However, not all countries enable this option. So check if your location is part of the list. If the answer is yes, enter your bank account details while choosing the EFT as your payment method.

Wire transfer

As the EFT, a wire transfer allows you to receive funds directly into your bank account. The information required may vary from one country to another. It can include name, bank, account number, BIC or SWIFT code, and IBAN. Like the other options, your earnings will be paid once a month as long as it reaches the threshold.

Husky multi-currency account

If you are wondering between an EFT and a wire transfer, remember that both can involve currency conversion since the money involves dollars and additional charges by your bank. When it comes to this, there is nothing better than a multi-currency account at Husky to give you lower fees, agility, and safety to receive money from another country.

From checks to EFT and wire transfers, you have a few options available to withdraw money from AdSense. If you are looking for the best cost-effective, Husky might be the answer since your earnings in USD arrive in your multi-currency account using your local currency. No money lost, hidden fees, or bureaucracy. It’s like sending a payment from another country directly to your bank account.

Do you want to save time and money when dealing with international payments? So join Husky and open your free account to get started.

eduardo SEO Specialist and content production, I have worked in several renowned companies in Brazil and abroad. I write about money, technology and more!