Apps like Cash App: 5 options to choose

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eduardo SEO Specialist and content production, I have worked in several renowned companies in Brazil and abroad. I write about money, technology and more!

Cash App is one of the most popular money applications in the United States. Whether it is your favorite or you want to find other apps like Cash App, there are a few more options available online. Depending on your financial needs, alternatives might suit them better, especially when it comes to international remittances. This transfer is a bit limited since peer-to-peer payments only work between the US and UK.

First, let’s introduce the Cash App, in case you still don’t know it. After all, learning about the options available is never too much. Then we will walk through the main choices to transfer funds to friends, family, and employees. They can come in handy for companies established in a different country. Hence, we will also introduce Husky as a multi-currency account for everyone who needs to send and receive money overseas. Check it out!

What is Cash App?

Before getting to the apps like Cash App, let’s start with this trendy application in the US. Cash App is a mobile app money transfer service. Created in 2013, it works as peer-to-peer payment assistance. In a few words, it’s like a digital wallet. The central function is sending and receiving funds quickly and directly. 

All you need to complete a transaction is the recipient’s basic contact details or a $Cashtag — an identifier for individuals and businesses with a shareable URL. For international transfers, Cash App is limited between the US and UK. There are no additional fees, except for the usual mid-market exchange rate due to the currency difference. 

Aside from this, you can also link your bank account through a debit card and use it at any ATM. Fees may apply whenever you cash out your funds. Another option — that makes this app unique — includes the possibility to invest by buying and selling stocks and Bitcoin through the app. 

Cash App Taxes

Cash App Taxes is a free online tax preparation service within the application, where you can file your federal and state taxes. Signing up for an account is chargeless, from start to finish, with no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises. 

What other app is just like Cash App?

With more and more people using computers and smartphones to fulfill their banking needs, you can easily find apps like Cash App. Some work similarly, while others add one feature or another that makes each unique. Fees, when applicable, may vary among them. So keep an eye on it. After checking the selection, the choice is up to what you want to do and what features you are looking for to meet your financial goals.


PayPal is a payment system with multiple functions — online purchases, donations, and international transfers. You can link your bank account, credit card, or debit card for free, keeping your information saved for future transfers. Whether the recipients are employees abroad, friends, or family, they also need an account to receive. There is a fee of up to 5% for international transactions besides currency conversion.


Similar to Cash App, Venmo is a platform to send and receive money within the US only. Even the homepage can’t be accessed when you are abroad. Instead, you will get an error message. In other words, it doesn’t support international transfers. If you are in the United States, the app can help with splitting the bills while offering some social features, like a chat, the like button, comments, and the option to share what you are doing.


As long as you have a US bank account, Zelle is available for you to make peer-to-peer payments without fees. So cross-border transactions are not an option, just like Cash App and Venmo.

You can download it from any iOS or Android device. Plus, it’s linked to many online and mobile banking services — such as Chase, Bank of America, and Capital One. If you have an account in one of them, you can manage same-day transfers.

Google Pay

For Android users and everyone with a Google account, Google Pay is an integrated digital wallet that allows you to link payment methods for online, mobile, and in-app purchases. It’s easy to use within the US. And in general, it doesn’t apply fees to send money to friends and family.

However, when it comes to international transfers, options are a bit limited. It involves a third-party provider to expand your possibilities.


Husky is the most suitable option if you want a reliable partner to manage a single transfer or multiple payments. It offers a multi-currency account from where you can quickly send and receive money worldwide through low fees and no hidden charges. For families and friends, it has a user-friendly interface. For overseas businesses and employees, any transaction can be done from one place using multiple currencies.

Which money app is safest?

The apps like Cash App, all use data encryption to protect against unauthorized transfers and secure your money. Some incorporate purchase verification or multifactor authentication, bringing an extra layer of reliability. Under BACEN’s regulations in Brazil, Husky follows all risk and compliance assessments, legal requirements, and procedures provided by law. 

This article put together a selection of some apps like Cash App to help you save time looking for alternatives. You can find more options, but here you can already have an overview of what awaits to fulfill your needs of sending and receiving money. Cash App and Venmo work well within the US, while Zelle requires a US-based bank account. Google Pay can limit your international transfers when Husky offers a multi-currency account.
Are you curious about what Husky can do for you and your money? You can open your free account to get a taste of what awaits you.

eduardo SEO Specialist and content production, I have worked in several renowned companies in Brazil and abroad. I write about money, technology and more!

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