5 International job sites for work abroad

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5 websites to work abroad

The opportunity to work abroad is an old dream for many freelancers, entrepreneurs, and everyone willing to experience life overseas. Previously, the chances of turning this dream into reality were pretty small. Sometimes, almost null. However, nowadays, the internet has made finding a job in another country more accessible than ever. It simplified the search by connecting people to international companies.

In this article, discover how to find a position in an overseas company and also check a list of 5 international job sites to expand your search. Are you ready? Keep on reading!

Take the first steps to start looking for work abroad

Regardless of the field, education, or experience level, anyone can use a job website to find opportunities around the world. If you are actively looking for work abroad, international sites bring many relevant open positions — most are free to browse.

Some require a free account before moving forward, while others ask for a membership or one-time fee payment. All you need to do is type the desired job title and location to start your search.

Once you apply, the hiring manager will review your profile and reach out if you match what the company is looking for to fill that position. Remember that a work visa is mandatory to hold a job in some countries. You can specify where you are in the visa process during the hiring cycle, making the company aware.

Meet 5 International job sites for work abroad

As soon as you start searching on the web for a job in a foreign country, you will find many sites to check. Which one should you choose among many options? When looking for a position in an international company, look for places with detailed blogs or guides about working abroad.

The more information, the more you will be prepared to find the best match for your professional goals. Let’s see five main sites to expand your search!

1- Indeed

Founded in 2004, Indeed is one of the largest job websites in the world — with opportunities in more than 60 countries worldwide. When you choose one of them, you will find all the information in the country’s native language. You can start your search by typing a job title, keyword, or company and adding a location within the country. So knowing the language in advance will help you. Keep this in mind.

The website offers a career guide, where you can find content like how to prepare for interviews, tips to find a job, salary range, and many other related topics. Also, Find Salary is a helpful resource for exploring the average salary rates for different opportunities.

Registration is free, but you don’t need an account to get started. Even so, having one adds benefits, such as email alerts regarding new jobs and your resume to apply.

2- Go Overseas

With a different purpose, Go Overseas focuses on programs abroad, bringing a fresh perspective to international experiences. It means you can earn money while you travel. Amid the categories available, you will find teaching, intern, work abroad, and online jobs.

Heading to the jobs section, you access a job board with work opportunities worldwide (posted daily) and articles (tips, guides, and more). Registration is free.

3- CareerJet

Similar to Indeed and active since 2001, CarrerJet brings international opportunities to more than 100 countries worldwide. You can search through job postings based on job title, keyword, or company and add a location within the selected country. More advanced filters can narrow your pursuits, such as hours, contract length, experience level, and industry. It’s another free option to expand your career abroad.

4- Go Abroad

From expert advice to cultural programs, Go Abroad works similarly to Go Overseas, and it’s well-known as an educational and experiential site for students looking to work abroad. At the same time, you can earn money while traveling to another country, and you can browse international jobs. When you choose a target country, the filter will be available and will show the areas with open opportunities.

The website also offers an Online Advisor to match your profile with the programs that best suit your needs. If you want to teach English, you can get certified beforehand with Go Abroad’s help by completing a course.

5- Linkedin

Last but not least, LinkedIn is not exactly a job site, but it’s more than a social network. It’s one of the best places to get work abroad and expand your professional connections.

Using the filter on the jobs section, you can search based on title, skill, or company and choose a country/city — including the options worldwide or remote. When you have an optimized profile, international companies will reach you and enhance your chances.

Learn a few tips for landing a job overseas

If working abroad is your goal as a professional, it’s worth taking some notes before you start your search. First, use this article as your guide and create a list of relevant job websites to register. Update your resume (considering the standards for each county) and build an online portfolio to boost your experience. It helps to expand your digital presence.

Besides, if you already have a target country, learn the language and study the local culture as much as you can. It may give you some points when you apply or receive offers.

Check if your resume meets the standards for this country, and don’t forget to explain why you are willing to move in your cover letter. Finally, get ready for online interviews. Treat them as an in-person meeting, test the camera and microphone, and gear up for questions.

Are you ready to start any work abroad? This article covered the first steps for your search by bringing some of the most popular job websites. Indeed and CareerJet have a lot of opportunities worldwide, while Go Overseas and Go Abroad offer programs to work or volunteer during a study trip.

Last, as a social network for business, LinkedIn works as a job site, connecting professionals and companies around the globe.

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eduardo SEO Specialist and content production, I have worked in several renowned companies in Brazil and abroad. I write about money, technology and more!